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Pics from the Hafla, links to my dance and a workshop with Zoe Jakes~ all in one weekend!!

Saturday was fantastic!! After a morning sweating it out with the gang at the studio, I spent the rest of the afternoon perfecting my costume, rummaging through my jewelry boxes finding the exact costume pieces to compliment the gypsy theme and running through the dances over and over and over... 

I was so wound up and excited my tummy hurt, but I managed to cram down a sugar cookie and some ‘hot mess of chocolate goodness’ made by our yoga friend, Merrily Bell, to calm my nerves... or something! Dancers and spectators continued to file in to the Global Education Center’s studio space, enjoying the ambiance of candles and the mellow grooves offered up by The Love Drums. Guests picked over the spread including homemade hummus by my roommate and Bodhicitta principal dancer Stephanie, the hot mess mentioned above, assorted finger foods and wide array of drinks and spirits alike. I was able to chill a bit and calm my nerves with my main squeeze Pat, some yoga students and bellydancer friends. 

Then it was dance time!! All the bellydancers headed out onto the floor for a collective jam session. This being my first hafla I did my best to hide in the back! But to no avail, Stephanie pulled me out of my den and we did some hip shimmies and locks together. I think she even teared up with her own excitement for me!

After a brief welcoming to the crowd from the Bodhicitta ladies, the evening performances commenced with the Student Troupe, of which I am am member. It was great, not a shake missed or bump skipped. We were minus a dancer, but carried on without a second thought. 

Then Gwyn and I took the stage for our duet. By that point my nerves were cool as a cucumber and I couldn’t wait to get out there again!! It was fun, it was funny and all had a great time- especially me! 

Check out this link to the video clip of Gwyn and my duo as well as an excerpt of Bodhicitta’s performance.


We continued to party, hang and dance even shop well through the evening. Under my roommate’s advice I purchase a set of Zils from Linda, bellydancer extraordinaire. So I even picked up some new gear to boot!

Well, early the next morning Steph and I set out for Knoxville to the Gypsy Hands’ studio for an all day workshop with Zoe Jakes. And would you believe her first session was all on Zils, how to use them and cool beats to complement live musicians! So I really feel like I’ve got my zil education off to a good start. The next class was a intense look at Zoe’s hits and immediate recoil that make her dancing so mesmerizing. I have got to get my butt to a breakdance class soon! But in the meantime I think I’ll rest a bit... Nah! See ya for a kick a&% class tonight~


Special thanks to: my bellydance teacher and friend Gwyn, my roommate Steph, the members of Bodhicitta, all the members of the beginner level II BD class, Pat, Merrily, George & Lee Ann.
Oh what a weekend! Review of my debut..
Monday, November 17, 2008